The Legend Of Honey Bee Pollen




The Legend of Honey Bee Pollen goes back to approximately 1945 when a London, England reporter published the news of the reported existence of a village in the high mountains of Russia, the news having reached England that there were villagers there that lived to very high ages, in good excellent health.


High up in the Caucasus mountains (a mountain system in Eurasia between the Black and the Caspian sea) of the former Soviet Union (Russia) were these very villagers, reported to be some of the longest living people in the world.  The investigator conducting the research into that village was Dr. Nicolai Tsitsin, Russian Chief Biologist and prominent member of the Academy of Sciences.


In this process of conducting the investigation, it was learned that these villagers were bee keepers who sold their raw honey supply down to the villages and towns below, keeping only the "dregs" - left in the bottoms of the honey barrels - for themselves.  Testing of those "dregs" proved to be about 90 % pure honey bee pollen, being the major food that the villagers ate, every day.


According to the investigation taking place at the time, more than 200 of the villagers were over 125 years of age, and were still actively working and participating in daily work - and social activities.


So superior was the healthy condition of their bodies,  that it was reported that one woman of the village gave birth to a newborn child.  She was at the young age of 90 when she did so!


The investigator asked one man, age 127, "Sir, do you remember how old you were when you left off having love relations with your wife?"  to which the man replied, "I don't know.  You'll have to ask somebody older."


News of this investigation, once published in the London Times, traveled fast, although due to the fantasticness of the story, it was regarded only as legend; a "good story."  As a result, it is a matter of record that England became the first country to use honey bee pollen as a way of fighting allergies from about that same year, forward.  After England's citizenry became known for consuming this Super Food for this reason alone, it being they who first proclaimed its secret to the world, use of the Super Food - Honey Bee Pollen became a product used to fight many ailments, including the "ailment of 'old age,'" throughout the rest of the world.


THE RONALD REAGAN CONNECTION.  The former / late President Ronald Reagan, having been introduced to honey bee pollen years before he was made president, was noticed as having unusually thick and dark black hair - well into his 70's, which, because of the similar effects that honey bee pollen has been reported by others in its effects on the growth, or regrowth, of hair, and of hair color, has been attributed to honey bee pollen also.


WHAT IS HONEY BEE POLLEN?  Known as davish in the old testament, Honey Bee Pollen are those little granules of the flower's pollen-particles gathered, tirelessly, by the honey bee, from the stem of the flower of any number of thousands upon thousands of flowers, found in thousands of places throughout the entire world.  Technically, it is the male seed of the flower, is almost pure [vegetable] protein, and it is this male seed of the flower that contains so many numerous plant DNA cells, along with thousands of enzymes and co-enzymes, with all of their various genetic codes and substances, that lead to healthy, or healthier, conditions in those who consume them, the same kinds of health conditions that the honey bees themselves enjoy, a more pure, sterile body - the more one's life and body is exposed to eating them,  bee pollens, year after year, diminishing the ill effects caused by the years and years - of negative, or toxin-containing, substances consumed - from times before.


ONLY HONEY BEES Can GATHER This SUPER FOOD.  Even though many scientific dollars have been spent trying to duplicate the intricate harvesting efforts of the ordinary honey bee, no matter how intricate the machinery that man may design trying to accomplish this wondrous task, Only Honey Bees can actually gather the Pollen from the Flower's stem.


Using special ,very small body hairs (called "baskets") protruding out to the side of each of its small hind legs, it gathers each delicate pollen grain, one grain at a time, from countless flowers, in bloom, wherever it may find them, and rolls them into larger, but still little, granules, which it then carries off to its hive, but seldom, if ever, do all the honey bees of a hive collect their pollen grains harvest from the same flowers, same meadow or same flower garden;  . . .


. . . but rather collect them from all over a given area, which leads to a robust and widely different collection of honey bee pollen grains to be found, in all of their golden, rich form, inside of the hive. just waiting for the bee keeper to harvest the overflow of honey bee pollen, bringing it from the nearby store right to the needful human person's front door.



Honey Bee Hives are well known for the activities of bears, mice, even rats, as well as humans, and other sweets-loving creatures, who are known to break into the hives in order to "steal" the bees honey.  Ordinarily, such an activity would warrant government health departments to keep a cautious eye on the sterilization of raw honey (not processed by sterilization) in order to keep the people who buy and eat raw honey from getting sick, or even dying.  In fact, not only do such particular creatures as mice and rats try to break in and steal the bees' honey but when they are caught by the bees doing so, they are quickly stung to death, and are left to lay there at the bottom of the hive, dead, with all the conditions that that idea conjures up.


Surely, Surely, the governmental health departments would have to do something about the selling of raw honey, by not letting it be placed on the store's shelves, directly put there from the honey-bee keeper's hives, without testing each and every jar to insure that no deadly germs might have made their way into the honey product, to the injury and safety, and possible fatality, of the human persons buying said raw honey.


But NO, not even under these conditions do governmental health regulators of the food industry have any concern.  None.  Why?  Because there are NO Germs known that are able to live in raw honey.  Not one.


THE ULTIMATE EFFECTS AND THE BODY TOXINS (POISONS).  The "old folks" who raised bees long ago referred to honey bee pollen as "bee's bread," and the theory sometimes surfaced among the was that you ought to be careful about eating bee's bread, because it could make you 'mad.'"  But "bee's bread," or honey bee pollen, did not make you "mad," but the truth was something different.


One of the dynamic effects of honey bee pollen upon the body is its ability to remove from the cells, and from among the cells, toxins, or poisons, that have become lodged or deposited there - over the years of time, as the body has been inundated with many substances of one kind or the other, some good but many bad, which, according to some doctors is, indisputably, the ultimate cause of all the diseases that the body may [eventually] have.  It would seem, therefore, that removing as much of the body's toxins, or poisons, from among the cells and out of the body, as fast as as many as possible, would be a good thing.


But this is not necessarily the case, for, depending on how badly the body has been abused, health-wise, with many of the poisons that the world claims to be "preservatives," or "enhancers," etc., and for how long, the rate at which a body may be able to be rid of these unwanted "baddies" may be much slower than others may experience, and in fact, some people's bodies are so saturated with these toxins, for so long, that nothing more than a single granule of honey bee pollen may be consumed in a single day without it being the cause of a reverse or negative effect instead of a positive effect, until the body has adapted itself to this amazing super food, capable, over sufficient time, of doing for the human body what it does for the honey bee's body, purifying it absolutely, prolonging life indefinitely, until some greater external factor - beyond this Perfect Food's ability to cleans impurities - deems it to be otherwise.

Bee pollen contains, among other things, nutritive, energetic, and metabolic properties, as well as antibiotic substances that are effective against coli-bacillus as well as certain strains of salmonella.

THE WORLD'S ONLY PERFECT FOOD.  THE HBP (Honey Bee Pollen) BODY RUSH.  Honey Bee Pollen, in its purest form, holds the sustained reputation of being - not the worlds "most perfect food," but rather the world's "only perfect food" for that is exactly what it is.


Because it is the world's Only Perfect food, its introduction into the body may bring about, for a time at least, some notable changes that need to be considered, for it has not been unusual to hear reports that someone consumed an ample portion of bee pollen (once they have been weaned sufficiently to do so), and found themselves up all night, full of energy and not able to fall asleep until early morning.  Much like alcohol, honey bee pollen does not take its normal route to the stomach to be digested, but tends to be absorbed directly through the internal tissues of the mouth, throat, etc., and taken directly into the blood stream, usually within less than 30 minutes.

Some of the legends about honey bee pollen claim that bee pollen was the secret “food of the gods," eaten by them in order to eternal youth."

Caution should be taken when learning how to increase one's diet of this World's Only Perfect Food, this Super Food, so that one does not end up with the reverse effect instead, exhibiting flu-like symptoms in some cases, or having "aches and pains" caused by body toxins being removed too much, too fast, over a short period of time.  Think it too good to be true?  Well, in this case it is both Good and True, and all the naysayers and dissenters in the world will not make it any less than this.


THE RICH HONEY BEE POLLEN VAULT.  One question that has been asked is, are all honey bee pollens gathered by the honey bees alike?  While there is not particular difference between the flowers and granules themselves, generally speaking, the answer, because of moisture content that deprives much of the pollen grains their potency or strength, is no.  Rather, it is the honey bee pollen productions harvested in the high desert areas of any country having sufficient high desert terrain, that provide the highest uncut honey bee pollen harvests, and knowing bee keepers in those regions generally stay busy developing and producing honey bee pollen from as many hives as they can manage.


Of course, as long as the honey bee pollen has not been directly dried by use of any gas or electric oven (some carefully heated green houses containing both flowers and active hives within them can provide the more natural effect and productivity in "wet regions" of the country, or world), any reasonably-naturally dry pollen (naturally dry at the moment it is to be consumed) is still a golden good Super Food, no matter where in the world it may be harvested.


DISSENTERS.  This subject does not deserve much attention, except to note that there are those who, no matter the truth that comes to light for the benefit and advantage of the people, will always plaint against or put down the item of interest that has come to be of great benefit to people everywhere, and do everything in their power to dissent or discourage the people from even trying it, even to the point of disseminating false information or of misrepresenting the truth, so that the good thing found will be, somehow, "bad" rather than good.  Unfortunately for those dissenters, at this late time, there is so much evidence and testimony mounted against them, that they won't get very far with it;


Even though thousands of scientific analysis have been made on bee pollen using the latest technology, there are yet many ingredients in it which science still cannot identify.  Do the honey bees add mysterious ingredients that vary it so, that it is those same mysterious additions that contribute to its amazing healing properties?


Dr. Lars-Erik Essen, Medical Doctor - Halsinborg, Sweden, says: “Bee pollen seems to prevent premature aging of the cells and stimulates growth of new skin tissue. It offers effective protection against dehydration and injects new life into dry cells. It smoothes away wrinkles and stimulates a life-giving blood supply to all skin cells.”


The Legendary Noel Johnson.  In 1964, the famous Noel Johnson, at age 65, was diagnosed by his doctor as having a seriously damaged heart. The doctor ordered that he refrain from any and all forms of physical activity. Instead of waiting for death to overtake him, as was expected, Noel reassessed his diet and life style and, in the process, discovered what he called “the bee’s gifts.”

At age 70, he started consuming fresh, raw bee pollen on a daily basis. At age 78, Noel Johnson won his first gold medal in the Senior Division of the Marathon race. For years after that, he held the title of World Senior Boxing Champion, defeating boxing opponents one-half his age and presumed (because of their superior young age) much better physical condition. In time, he was presented with the Presidential Award for Physical Fitness by President Ronald Reagan, who himself had a "bee pollen" story of his own to tell..

In 1989, Noel Johnson wrote his autobiography, appropriately entitled A Dud at 70 - A Stud at 80. In his amazing. revealing, book, he attributed his stamina and increased bodily power, his superb health and his longevity to (weight-lifting, vitamins, diets, tonics, other body building equipment) -- Honey Bee Pollen:

“This miraculous substance from the beehive became the cornerstone of my diet... I know that bee pollen has been the single largest contributor to my extended lifespan. I believe it is this incredible food that gave me the ‘superman’ image...

Since I discovered bee pollen at the age of 70, this perfect live food has restored my manhood, brought me to full vigor and sexual potency, and continues to nourish every cell in my body while protecting my health.”

Noel Johnson continued being active as a marathon runner until his death at the age of 97.  Bee pollen is, without question, one of the TRUE Natural Wonders of the World, an all-natural creation easily obtainable and affordable to virtually anyone. The search for restored youth must, most certainly, lead straightway to your most favorite beehive, wherever that may be.








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